November 16, 2008

Mug Shots: Christmas in the Cup by


TIKI TOON Christmas graphics were created in December 2007 by’s ~bluedecker97. The context was to create images that were reminders of the gift wrapping and greeting cards searched for at shopping when a youngster with his mother and brother along. Shiny, playful and busy images of traditional and unique events for example ‘sugar cookies’ floating around a plate  next to a glass of milk for Santa Clause. These images are particularly exciting on beverage mugs from TIKI TOON Get some extra shine and glow from these images by choosing the frosted or stainless steel variety.

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November 02, 2008

Home | tikitag TAG - LINK - TOUCH

Abouttikitag is a service that enables anyone to link real world objects with the online world and make applications accessible with a single touch.The open beta service was launched on October 1st, 2008, with the availability of tikitag starter packages and tag packages via e-commerce.

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October 29, 2008

Dias de Los Muertos in the Mission, San Francisco

This is terrible and am living in San Francisco's Mission District but have never been to a Dias de Los Muertos public festival held every year just blocks away. SO this year, keeping it on my calendar crossed paths with my illustration inspiration and this is something from observations of characters around the Mission in shops and murals and more places.
Hope you like it and find it available on postcards, t-shirts and keychains from*

October 27, 2008

Connect Twitter to Special Interest Contacts

ztwits.png Following guidelines for making community from microblog twitter, a new LENS from squidoo has opened a niche for those who have Zazzle shops and twitter, too. You can find a Facebook group, too. For squidoo, click on logo above.

The basic idea is fill in the guestbook or wall posts and leave the urls to your shop and twitter. Others will contact with you making an introduction they saw your information at squidoo or facebook, too.

TIKI TOON : the blog: Blogger's ZAZZLE DAZZLE Custom Keds CONTEST

Dazzle with Zazzle Challenge


The following description is a entry summary of a Zazzle custom shoes contest that runs through November 14, 2008. It is listed here.

How to enter:

•Go to, create an account and pick a pair of Keds to customize.

•Then simply upload your images and start creating! When you’ve completed your shoe design, click View Pair at the top of the page in Zazzle.

•Next, do a screen capture of your pair of shoes. To do this on a PC, press the Print Screen button. Then paste the screen capture in a new document in your photo-editing software and save it as a JPG. On a Mac, press Command + Shift + 3 and the screenshot will be automatically saved to your desktop. Rename it and save it as a JPG at 72 dpi.


•Post the image of your shoes in the Digital Scrapbooking Day gallery (,com_groupjive/task,showgroup/groupid,681/Itemid,68/). Shoes posted in places other than this group cannot be considered.

•The title of your project should begin with the word “Zazzle” so we can find it quickly in this alphabetized gallery.

•Please include a materials list with your shoes when posting it to the gallery that includes names of all products and fonts. Include kit titles, designer names and the web site that sells the product (if applicable) when you post your layout. Designs should be original and should not include designs already on the Zazzle site.
Enter as many times as you like.