July 12, 2008

TIKI TOON Chocolate Ice Cream Bars from cafepress

The summer wear for t-shirts collides with the craving for ice cold Chocolate Bars on wooden popsicle's stick. Another design from TIKI TOON www.cafepress.com/tikitoon artist bluedecker97.




July 10, 2008


Originally uploaded by choppercat

This is #2 and the desired result of FLOCKBAR by FLOCKSTAR wesley miller. See two posts below for background.

Go to link at flickr.com for full size WALLPAPER.

July 08, 2008

Imagekind joins Cafepress | Imagekind Blog | Buy, Sell, Create and Discuss Art

Imagekind joins Cafepress | Imagekind Blog | Buy, Sell, Create and Discuss Art

Imagekind joins Cafepress

Today is a great day for our entire Imagekind family. I’m thrilled to announce to all of you that Imagekind has been acquired by CafePress, the recognized leader of user-generated commerce. We are excited to join forces with CafePress to leverage the strengths and resources of both companies as we continue to grow. We also want to let you know that we will continue to operate the business under our existing Imagekind website and brand.

Since launching Imagekind almost two years ago, the Imagekind team has been focused on creating the largest user-generated art marketplace. We believed the world was ready for a new way to shop for art, that there were millions of artists on this planet that needed a better way to showcase their work, and that customers wanted an easier way to find and create unique custom-framed art and photographs. Today on Imagekind, consumers can choose art from over 50,000 artists from around the globe within a single online shopping experience. Thanks to all of you, our vision has been realized.

What’s next?

With this announcement, we have effectively gone from a quickly growing online marketplace to the market leader. Your work will now be visible to a continually growing number of CafePress members (more than 6.5 million worldwide). This will undoubtedly offer you greater awareness than ever before and, ultimately, greater art sales.

In the coming months, we will continue to innovate by expanding our technology in ways we hope you find interesting and useful. At the same time, the dedicated team at Imagekind will stay laser focused on continuing to offer the industry’s “gold standard” for giclee printing and museum-quality framing, while continuing to serve all your needs from hosting your galleries to order fulfillment.

I’m proud of how Imagekind has disrupted the world of art by returning control of the global marketplace to you, the artists who showcase and sell your work on our site. I hope you’re as excited as all of us at the possibility of explosive growth and I’d like to personally invite you to continue to work together with us to build something truly special.

With you, we look forward to continuing to build the BEST user-generated art marketplace in the world. I’ll be sharing more as we move through the coming months.

Kind regards,

Kevin Saliba
CEO, Imagekind.com

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July 07, 2008


Flockolate Ice Cream Bar by FLOCKSTAR
Originally uploaded by choppercat

I am a FLOCKSTAR :: designation of FLOCK the Social Web browser to it's users and devoted fans.

2008 Webby Awards rewarded FLOCK with the "Best Social Network" award this year beating out competitor Facebook, Bebo and some others. The award was picked up with the expression, "Oh S**T, I can't believe we beat out Facebook."

The newest Flock in Beta is built on the same new platform technology as Firefox 3 and both are mozilla engines. Most add-ons that work on Firefox work on FLOCK but it has unique features that makes it worthy on it's own.

I have been a FLOCK user for almost three years and faithfully have been excited for the company ambassadors that have public profiles. I follow and get followed at twitter and give my input on current BETA's not usually available to public.

Currently there is advertising at FLOCK for a GREAT ADVENTURE :: ROCKET to FLOCK and BE A BETA TESTER :: FLOCK is looking for RECRUITS.

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