July 07, 2008


Flockolate Ice Cream Bar by FLOCKSTAR
Originally uploaded by choppercat

I am a FLOCKSTAR :: designation of FLOCK the Social Web browser to it's users and devoted fans.

2008 Webby Awards rewarded FLOCK with the "Best Social Network" award this year beating out competitor Facebook, Bebo and some others. The award was picked up with the expression, "Oh S**T, I can't believe we beat out Facebook."

The newest Flock in Beta is built on the same new platform technology as Firefox 3 and both are mozilla engines. Most add-ons that work on Firefox work on FLOCK but it has unique features that makes it worthy on it's own.

I have been a FLOCK user for almost three years and faithfully have been excited for the company ambassadors that have public profiles. I follow and get followed at twitter and give my input on current BETA's not usually available to public.

Currently there is advertising at FLOCK for a GREAT ADVENTURE :: ROCKET to FLOCK and BE A BETA TESTER :: FLOCK is looking for RECRUITS.

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