October 14, 2008

TIKI TOON Showcase Gallery of Thumbnails

home_9 TIKI TOON showcase gallery of images from products to be found at TIKI TOON Illustrated.

This is the latter half of 2008 Fashion Output by deviantart.com illustrator ~bluedecker97.

COMING SOON to zazzle.com/tikitoon

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Compaq Presario CQ50-105NR

TIKI TOON is a creative outlet for one person who markets design and illustration on brands from cafepress and zazzle, too. This past year, all my creative outputs on the web have been delayed because of sticky computer flaws, loss of data and finally a short-circuited motherboard.

DJ Choppercat is my other outlet on the web. I lost a large collection of stored mp3s to use with VIRTUAL DJ Pro v. 5.  I know soon it would behoove me to get an external drive for storage.

So it pleases me to have advanced all the information from WINDOWS experience with both XP and Vista and many softwares, to a new laptop Compaq Presario CQ50-105NR. It is running my programs on Vista flawlessly. Knock on 'silicon'.

October 13, 2008

How-TO Zazzle with Winamp: Fractal Images




[recently acquired by aol.com] is my media player on the computer. it is simply because it plays the best sound with a variety of codecs to choose from and as a 'visualist' and artist, the plug - in visualizes called MILK DROP is simply the richest graphics and variety of combinations and themes to choose and made by computer mathematicians tweaking the algorithms.

I wanted an easy to create FRACTAL art program. THEN it struck me while meditating to one of my DJ Choppercat remix playing in WINAMP and staring at the visual: "I already have the best fractal maker and it creates to my music".

Using a snipping tool Capture45  from microsoft, or any desktop capture that can be saved as a Jpg or PNG then cropped you take screenshots of the visualizer. Save these images to a folder, upload to zazzle and behold, I have new zazzle products that are highly entertaining and fashionable and are fractal/geometric designs created by my music player to my very own remixes.