June 24, 2008

TIKi TOOn Artist at deviantart.com

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  • 16X20 PRINT 39.95 PRINT
  • POSTCARDS 2.49
  • set of 4 COASTERS 20.25
  • INSPIRATION: Hawaiian legend of _Hiiaka-i-ka-poli-o-Pele, she prayed to her gods to keep the sun stationary [i ka muli o Hea].

On the beach, the rocks show four runes which are not authentic but rather my interpretation of runes telling the story. THE CLIMB, the SUN, the PRAYER, the CONQUERED.

by ~bluedecker97 aka Wesley Miller, San Francisco 


June 22, 2008



Here are my recent 2008 cafepress updates:

  • TIKI TOON cafepress.com/tikitoon designed a premium store LOGO
  • created product with LOGO
  • designed an ILLUSTRATED male model with LOGO
  • created product with model and LOGO
  • Updated SHOPKEEPER's BIO and settings for all shops
  • Created a Company and product-identity forum at getsatisfaction.com
  • Added mybloglog.com widget with ping
  • Added mybloglog.com CONTACT widget to PREMIUM SHOP
  • Registered SHOP NAME with twitter
  • Registered SHOP NAME with blopspot.com 
  • Ordered FLASH-enabled Cafepress SHOP widget for blogs, etc.
  • Added SITE TRACKING with Google Analytics
  • Black & Gold www.cafepress.com/tikitoon deep space www.cafepress.com/tikitoons 
  •  denim www.cafepress.com/tikitoonstechno www.cafepress.com/tikitoons
  • Created new ILLUSTRATED design with 4 Variations
  • TRICKLE DOWN release of variations
  • Created a FACEBOOK page for shop identity
  • Created a Professional profile with linkedin.com including shop
  • Featured original animated FILMs NOW PLAYING on site from flektor.com