September 09, 2008

Typepad's Blogger: Groups for zazzle, cp

Hi:I just found a great, easy interface blogger online called It is a business of on the internet.
Here are two groups of interest:
Zazzle Group at

Cafepress Designers:

I just created a nice and wordy post to these groups announcing members needing expertise to JOIN YAHOO Great Gear group [the post includes the widget.]
So check these out, more promotional tools and say TIKI TOON sentyou.
from Wesley M. proprietor

TIKI TOON Illustrated see details: rate products: widget

Hey there a quick note from TIKI TOON aka wesley m. from San Francisco to say that I burned out my computer's mother board about a month ago. I am down and out and relying on the kindness of friend's sharing their computers. THIS does not leave me much flexibility on adding my brand of software to their hardware so until I am hard-wired again for recording, my other outlet are my ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS appearing on merchandise from

See widget in page below for all products.