October 13, 2008

How-TO Zazzle with Winamp: Fractal Images




[recently acquired by aol.com] is my media player on the computer. it is simply because it plays the best sound with a variety of codecs to choose from and as a 'visualist' and artist, the plug - in visualizes called MILK DROP is simply the richest graphics and variety of combinations and themes to choose and made by computer mathematicians tweaking the algorithms.

I wanted an easy to create FRACTAL art program. THEN it struck me while meditating to one of my DJ Choppercat remix playing in WINAMP and staring at the visual: "I already have the best fractal maker and it creates to my music".

Using a snipping tool Capture45  from microsoft, or any desktop capture that can be saved as a Jpg or PNG then cropped you take screenshots of the visualizer. Save these images to a folder, upload to zazzle and behold, I have new zazzle products that are highly entertaining and fashionable and are fractal/geometric designs created by my music player to my very own remixes.


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